BF4 Hacks Released

That’s right, it only took a day and BF4 hacks have already been released to the public. This means Battlefield 4 will have the huge number of hackers online that most PC games do when it’s first released. Our coder had the first actual BF4 hack released during the alpha, but now he has the new cheat online ready for the full game. You can actually read a press release about us online. We plan to have 40 amazing features that you can use in any of the top game types. We will also include our instant kill aimbot with every single VIP purchase. You can sign up by registering on our forum at or

Battlefield 4 obliteration BF4 Hacks Released

Battlefield 4 Release Dates

Battlefield 4 release dates:

November 1st on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
November 12th for PlayStation 4 in North America
November 19th for Xbox One in North America
November 22nd for Xbox One in Europe
November 29th for PlayStation 4 in Europe has announced that BF4 servers are available for rental now!

prepare4battle thumb Battlefield 4 Release Dates

Battlefield 4 will be available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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New Battlefield 4 Cheat

 New Battlefield 4 CheatWhile the release of Battlefield 4 is some time away, you may be making your plans today. You may already know of our work with Battlefield 3 hacks, if you’ve been using our excellent product to your advantage! You probably enjoy the extra abilities it gives you in online battles, and you’d like the same type of upgrades for the next title in the series as well.

You’re in luck, as we are planning to roll out a Battlefield 4 Cheat when the time comes! It should have the same menu of excellent items, allowing you to gain the same edge in combat. Be prepared for it to work just as well, and for our stellar detection track record to continue. Again, we’re planning to provide CD Key insurance just in case, though its highly doubtful that you’ll ever need it! You’ll be able to get this Battlefield 4 Cheat at our VIP Forum, where you can register in just a few minutes.

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Battlefield 4 Cheats

18e519edb8dd67da22a5397fd083bcdf Battlefield 4 CheatsWould you like to boost your fighting skills in Battlefield 4, when it goes on sale?  If so, then our Battlefield 4 Cheats will be music to your ears, as it will have all the features you’ve come to love.  Our Aimbot, Knifebot, Auto Fire, Auto Knife, 2D Radar, Enemy Aim Warnings, Enemy Spawn Beacon Cham and Removals are all powerful tools.  If you’ve ever used our other hacks in the past, such as the one for Battlefield 3, then you know we live up to our word.

 You can be confident that we’ll provide the same high quality cheats which you’re accustomed to – allowing you to master this game right away.  No matter what the competition throws at you, we’ll give you the power to take them down!  Simply go to our VIP Forum to register, to open up access to our Battlefield 4 Cheats, which you can use when this title becomes available for purchase.

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First Ever Battlefield 4 Cheat

Not much is known about the newest installment to the Battlefield series, except that it is in development at the moment.  EA has confirmed that it will open up the beta version, in a little more than a year from now.  You may be wondering if we’ll be offering a Battlefield 4 Cheat for you to use, and the answer is a resounding yes!

Battlefield 4 1 First Ever Battlefield 4 Cheat Once again, our programmers will go to work cracking this game, to deliver a hack hours after it has been released and get in the news for the first ever Battlefield 4 Cheat.  If you’ve used our cheats in the past, then you know that we are the company to turn to for this type of product.  Our coding is far more robust, and our detection rating is second to none!  Further, with over 250,000 satisfied users, we are the largest site of our kind in the world.  Clearly, our fully verified business can deliver the goods, and give you the competitive edge that you seek.  Go to our VIP Forum to register, and you’ll be able to use our Battlefield 4 Cheat when it becomes available.

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How to Cheat in Battlefield 4

bf4 How to Cheat in Battlefield 4Did you find competing in Battlefield 3 online matches too much of a challenge?  If that’s the case, you may want to try a different tact, when Battlefield 4 becomes available.  We are planning to release a Battlefield 4 Cheat that will give you many special upgrades – which will make you very hard to defeat!  Features like Aimbot will give you perfect accuracy, ensuring that you’ll never miss.  You can use it in tandem with Visibility Checks, which will keep Aimbot from locking on to enemies that you can’t hit.  This will preserve your ammunition, and improve your hit rating as well.

All in all, if you need hacks, we are the right choice.  With over 600 positive feedback posts and counting, we’ve proven that we’re able to deliver customer satisfaction!  We also have a huge subscriber base, with over 250,000 users right now.  Clearly, we have the proof to stand behind our claims, and our full line of cheats all perform extremely well.  With a stellar detection record, and CD Key insurance should anything happen, you can use our programs with confidence.  To learn How to Cheat in Battlefield 4, visit our VIP Forum to register.

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Battlefield 4

battlefield 4 Battlefield 4EA has substantiated rumors that Battlefield 4 is currently in development, and they’ve reported that the beta version is set to be released in Fall of 2013. Beyond that, and a leaked image of the game, there isn’t much more detail available at this point. EA has also announced that if you pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter, that you’ll be granted special access to the Battlefield 4 beta version. This has avid gamers even more excited to purchase the latest MoH title, which is a respected franchise in its own right.

With such a big beta release coming up next year, you may have decided to plan ahead. Perhaps you found that our Battlefield 3 cheats were superb, and just what the doctor ordered! The good news is, we will be offering a fully functional Battlefield 4 Cheat too, once this title hits stores. As always, it will be packed full of essential features, such as Aimbot – which is a must have. You can register for access at our VIP Forum, to get your Battlefield 4 Cheat when this game becomes available.

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Battlefield 4 Cheat

You may have heard that Electronic Arts is working on Battlefield 4, and that a release is already planned.  While the date isn’t set until next Fall, and it will only be the beta version, this buzz is correct.  Expect fans to be lining up everywhere for the next title in this lucrative series, and for the multiplayer action to be popular.

Battlefield 4 Fan Made MP1st 618x346 Battlefield 4 Cheat In fact, you may already anticipate needing some extra help, in your efforts to build your rank online.  Our Battlefield 4 Cheat will certainly help, as our programmers will be working to crack this game once again.  As we’ve done for Battlefield products in the past, we’ll be offering a full suite of advanced features for you to use.  These will include the old standby’s like Aimbot and Auto Fire – along with options like Enemy Aim Warnings and map Removals.

Who are we?  We’ve been in the cheat business for years, and with over 250,000 users, we obviously provide quality hacks!  You can expect top tier customer service, along with an excellent detection track record.  Our fully verified business is dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible, and you are sure to love our powerful software upgrades.  To get our Battlefield 4 Cheat when this game is released, just visit our VIP Forum to register.

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